March 21, 2018


TEG Cycle 2 Funding Announcement

Technology Enhancement Grant (TEG) Cycle 2
Deadline: Wednesday, March 21, 2018 (noon)

TEG awards are used to generate data that will directly enhance the university’s licensing position for commercially promising inventions. Proposals are submitted through the university technology transfer office. The proposed project will ideally incorporate study endpoints designed to meet key milestones as required by a potential licensee or industry-experienced technology development adviser. Pre-submission consultations are strongly recommended.

Contact information is in the Guidelines

The Technology Enhancement Grant (TEG) Program provides funding to North Carolina universities or other N.C. research institutions through their respective technology transfer or entrepreneurship offices. Under this program, awards of up to $75,000 are available to fund a research study that will directly enhance the university’s licensing position for a commercially promising invention. The proposed project will incorporate defined study endpoints designed to meet key milestones and data objectives as defined in a non-binding letter of support from a potential licensee.

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