November 2, 2018

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5 Things to Know for OCTOBER 2018

1. DMC Biotechnologies, a company tailoring microbes to produce high-value chemicals, including biofuels (Mike Lynch, Biomedical Engineering) announced that Breakthrough Energy Ventures (backed by Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos) has invested in the company’s Series Seed financing round.


2. Stryker acquired Duke startup HyperBranch Medical Technology (Mark Grinstaff, Chemistry, Opthalmology, and Biomedical Engineering) for $220 million. HyperBranch won pre-market approval from the FDA for its Adherus Autospray sealant in March 2015 and is one of two such sealants allowed on the U.S. market.


3. In the journal Brain Stimulation, Warren Grill, Biomedical Engineering and Niccolò Terrando Anesthesiology show in a mouse model that a current treatment for seizures can also reverse brain inflammation, such as inflammation after surgery, and the subsequent confusion or cognitive decline that results — a major issue especially in older surgical patients. OLV is working with the team to identify potential license or development partners.


4. Harrison Jones, Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery, invented an adaptor for respiratory training devices.  This technology was licensed by Aspire Products, LLC, (Atlanta Georgia) the company that makes the EMST150™, an expiratory muscle training device.  Devices like the EMST150™ are useful treating patients with Dysphagia, COPD, and other medical conditions that effect respiratory function, musicians/vocalists, athletes looking to enhance athletic performance.  The Duke technology enables the use of the EMST150™ device as an inspiratory muscle trainer creating a multifunction device that is optimized for complete respiratory muscle training.


5. Congrats to Duke start-ups Hymacyte (Laura Niklason, formerly of Anesthesiology)and Precision Biosciences (James Smith, Oncology) for being finalists for the 2018 SEBIO Awards.