August 31, 2018

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5 Things to Know for AUGUST 2018

Happy Labor Day Weekend. . .Please be on the lookout for an invitation to our 2nd Invented at Duke celebration on Nov 8th as we finalize the program. Here is a SNEAK PREVIEW of the 7 Featured Innovators we have lined up so far.

  1. Hard to believe, but OLV’s Mentors-in-Residence program just celebrated its one-year anniversary.  Since its creation just a short year ago, the MIRs have advanced numerous startup projects into the marketplace, creating an impact on the local economy.
  2. The Triangle Business Journal featured a story on the increase in university gene therapy technology companies coming out of the Triangle including Duke licensee’s Actus Therapeutics, Ask Bio, and Precision BioSciences.
  3. WRAL Techwire featured Duke start-up InnAVasc, a Duke startup developing a “bullet-proof”, self-sealing vascular graft.  (Jeff Lawson and Shawn Gage, Surgery) The CEO is Joe Knight, a former Medtronic employee and Fuqua alum who was connected to the company by Jon Fjeld of I&E.
  4. Stanford and Duke completed a license with Omnisono, a 3D ultrasound imaging startup that pitched at last year’s DIHI Innovation Jam (Josh Broder, Surgery). Omnisono has MedBlue funding.
  5. Deep Visual Insights, a Duke start-up that uses artificial intelligence to build more effective surveillance systems, was chosen by the City of Durham for its Innovate Durham program. (Joe Camilo, Jordan Malof, and Daniel Reichman, ECE)