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automatic robotic hand moving and preparing tiny bits of chocolate at chocolate factory. industrial chocolate factory with automatic robotic hand

December 1, 2017

Duke Innovations OLV Blog Start-ups Realtime Robotics: James Kuffer, CTO Toyota Research Institute Blogs

Realtime Robotics Joins Toyota AI Ventures Portfolio [Originally published By James Kuffner,...

Sen. Bayh and Joe Allen at hearing

December 12, 2017

OLV Blog 37 years later: What the Bayh-Dole Act has meant for Duke and society as a whole

by Celeste Ferguson December 12, 1980. It was a Friday...

Rob Hallford, Directory of Duke New Ventures

February 22, 2018

Press Releases OLV Blog Start-ups Meet the Director of Duke New Ventures

Last year, Duke’s Office of Licensing & Ventures (OLV) set...

Campus to Commercialization

June 27, 2018

Duke Innovations OLV Blog 4 Steps for Turning Your Research into a Commercial Product

When do you know you have an invention? Tim Burners-Lee...

5 Things to Know About Duke OLV

June 29, 2018

OLV Blog 5 Things You Need to Know: June

June 30, 2018 In the 4th Quarter, we spun out...

Duke New Ventures Logo

August 31, 2018

OLV Blog Start-ups Successful 1st Year for New Ventures’ MIR Program

OLV’s Mentors-in-Residence (MIR) program didn’t reinvent the start-up/entrepreneurial wheel —...

Venture Fellows : Mentors-in-residence

November 5, 2018

Duke News OLV Blog Start-ups New Venture Fellows Celebrates a Successful 1st Year

By: DAN GARCIA November 5, 2018 Ever wanted to join...

innovation economy

December 10, 2018

OLV Blog Start-ups The Bayh-Dole Act: Fueling Innovation for 38 Years

 By: DAN GARCIA November 25, 2018  Just this year, Duke’s...

Women in Innovation

March 7, 2019

Innovation OLV Blog Celebrating Women in Innovation

Duke is an innovative place to be right now!  And...