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Deep Blue MEsical Advances with President Price

September 4, 2018

Engineering Start-ups Deep Blue Secures $295K

Medical device startup Deep Blue Medical Advances has raised $295,000 in a...

Realtime Robotics RapidPlan processor

April 15, 2019

Engineering Innovation Realtime Robotics Shipping RapidPlan Motion Planning Processor

Realtime Robotics, a Boston-based startup that recently outgrew its space...

realtime robotics

October 16, 2019

Engineering Start-ups Realtime Robotics scores $11.7M Series A to help robots avoid collisions

One of the major challenges facing engineers as they develop...

Ken Gall, Duke

April 25, 2019

Engineering Innovation Duke News Duke Engineering School Creates Dean for Entrepreneurship Post

Ken Gall has been appointed Duke Engineering’s first associate dean...


October 22, 2019

Engineering Start-ups IonQ Secures $55 Million in Funding to Bring Quantum Computing from the Lab to the Enterprise.

IonQ, the leader in universal quantum computing, today announced it...

The Woo Center will expand collaborations to transform data into actionable health insights

October 30, 2018

Engineering Duke News Woo Center for Big Data and Precision Health Established at Duke Engineering

Three-year, $3+ million commitment to foster global partnerships to advance...

Lab Grown Tissue Patch

April 29, 2019

Duke Innovations Engineering Start-ups Lab-grown tissue patch could fix ailing hearts

Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a...

n NIST physicists used this apparatus to coax two beryllium ions (electrically charged atoms) into swapping the smallest measurable units of energy back and forth, a technique that may simplify information processing in a quantum computer. The ions are trapped about 40 micrometers apart above the square gold chip in the center. The chip is surrounded by a copper enclosure and gold wire mesh to prevent buildup of static charge. Credit: Y. Colombe/NIST

December 14, 2018

Duke Innovations Engineering Start-ups IonQ Smashes All Records–Faster than Google Computers

IonQ just made a presentation on two new trapped ion quantum...


May 17, 2019

Duke Innovations Engineering Start-ups With atoms and lasers, IonQ makes a quantum computing leap

Startup IonQ is taking a decidedly sci-fi approach to quantum...