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n NIST physicists used this apparatus to coax two beryllium ions (electrically charged atoms) into swapping the smallest measurable units of energy back and forth, a technique that may simplify information processing in a quantum computer. The ions are trapped about 40 micrometers apart above the square gold chip in the center. The chip is surrounded by a copper enclosure and gold wire mesh to prevent buildup of static charge. Credit: Y. Colombe/NIST

December 14, 2018

Duke Innovations Engineering Start-ups IonQ Smashes All Records–Faster than Google Computers

IonQ just made a presentation on two new trapped ion quantum...


May 17, 2019

Duke Innovations Engineering Start-ups With atoms and lasers, IonQ makes a quantum computing leap

Startup IonQ is taking a decidedly sci-fi approach to quantum...

man walking through evolv technology new airport screening device

January 9, 2020

Duke Innovations Engineering Evolv raises $30 million to expedite security screenings with AI

JANUARY 8, 2020 4:00 AM Perhaps the worst thing about...

Realtime Robotics Logo

December 8, 2020

Duke Innovations Engineering Start-ups Realtime Robotics Partners With Dematic

Intelligence for multi-robot operations PRESS RELEASE  UPDATED: DEC 7, 2020 10:41...

Realtme Robotics

December 19, 2018

Engineering Start-ups Enabling Faster, More Capable Robots With Real-Time Motion Planning

Hardware-based motion planning that operates in under a millisecond makes...

Realtime Robotics Motion Planning

May 20, 2019

Engineering Innovation Start-ups Ultrafast Motion-Planning Chip Could Make Autonomous Cars Safer

Realtime Robotics’ motion-planning processor helps autonomous cars make better decisions...

Duke NFL

January 31, 2020

Engineering Duke News Duke Trio Named Finalists for NFL Honor

Former Duke football lettermen Clark Bulleit, Kevin Gehsmann, and Tim Skapek have been...


February 8, 2021

Duke Innovations Engineering Start-ups IonQ plans to launch a rack-mounted quantum computer for data centers in 2023

Quantum computing startup IonQ today announced its road map for the next...

Beating Heart Patch

December 8, 2017

Duke Innovations Biotechnology Engineering Beating Heart Patch is Large Enough to Repair the Human Heart

[Originally posted by Ken Kingery on November 28, 2017, at...

Junjie Yao

December 19, 2018

Duke Innovations Biotechnology Engineering Duke News Awards Yao Receives IEEE’s 2019 Young Investigator Award

Yao recognized for his innovative work in the field of...