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SV Analytics



Bryan Krieger CTO, Joe Lucas PhD, Data Scientist, Chad Johnson PhD, Software Architect, Joel Boggan MD, Product Management

Duke Inventor(s):

Ryan Schulteis MD

Reduce Medical Claims Denials & Increase Revenue with Big Data Health Care Analytics

SV Analytics’ proven solution, Invariant, uses big data and analytics to reduce:

✓claims denials
✓appeals process time to resolve denied claims
✓expenses (people & time) associated with claims management

Invariant, our product, has shown a quick ROI by saving millions of dollars. We use modern predictive analytics to forecast payer behavior allowing you to proactively anticipate changes in claims.

The Problem :

  • Hospitals and Healthcare Systems lose over $100B every year due to claims denials by insurance companies

The Solution:

  • Software allows users to analyze & visualize revenue data
  • PROPOPRIETARY, predictive algorithms increase revenue by prescribing changes to the way our customers’ bill that will increase revenue and decrease denied charges.

Value Proposition:

  • Predict reimbursement denials, prescribe changes
  • Provide information-quickly resolve denials by winning appeals, increasing profit
  • Quickly forecast/monitor effects of health-system or payers changes to reimbursement, diagnosis, or procedure coding
  • Cloud and On-Premise Solutions Available—HIPAA Compliant