Zenalux Biomedical




Jesko Von Windheim

Duke Inventor(s):

Nimmi Ramanujam, Gregg Palmer

Zenalux Biomedical: developing novel biophotonic-based tools to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer as well as other disease states; the company’s flagship product is the Zenascope, a patent-protected, photonic system that non-destructively measures dominant tissue chromophores (oxygenated hemoglobin, deoxygenated hemoglobin and beta-carotene) as well as changes in cellular morphology and density.

Zenalux is a biomedical diagnostics start-up in Research Triangle Park, NC. The company has established its leadership in biophotonics through its deep ties to Duke University, and features a highly qualified management team with proven executive experience. Zenalux’s goal is to make optical spectroscopy easy for medical practitioners who are interested in real-time, non-destructive biological tissue diagnostics. Our products provide effortless translation of uv-vis tissue spectra into quantified biological endpoints to enable the medical professional to focus on medical applications of the technology.

The company’s flagship product, Zenascope™, is a patent-protected, photonic system that quickly and non-destructively measures important biological endpoints including hemoglobin concentration, hemoglobin saturation and scattering (a measure of cell density and necrosis); however the system can easily be tuned to include additional absorbers of interest.

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