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Providing surface contrast in rendering of three-dimensional images for micro-surgical applications

Value Proposition Recent advancements in optical coherence tomography (OCT) technology...


A novel small molecule activator of sirtuins

Value Proposition Sirtuins are a family of protein deacetylases with...


A universal antidote for aptamer therapeutics

Value Proposition With an ever increasing number of people taking...


In situ adjustable surgical retractor for applications in spine and brain surgery

Value Proposition Access to injury site is critical for all...


End-to-end quality assurance test for radiosurgery

Value Proposition Radiotherapy and radiosurgery is used to treat a...


Pythia – building a surgical database

Value Proposition Despite major advances in surgical care, complications arise...


Method for preparing single isocenter multi target radiosurgery treatment plans

Value Proposition Cancerous metastases in the brain are often treated...