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Drug Delivery

Optimization of ethanol ablation for low-cost and effective tumor treatment

We've designed a procedure for treating tumors with an ablative...


Inactivating viral replication with CRISPR/Cas systems

Value Proposition Current gene therapy approaches based upon targeted DNA...


Albumin binding peptide-drug (AlBiPeD) conjugates: long circulating peptide derivatives of small molecule therapeutics

Value Proposition Delivery and therapeutic efficacy of small molecule imaging...


Precipitation of hydrophobic drugs as nanocrystals for IV administration of anti-cancer drugs

Value Proposition Drug development is a key driver for research-based...


Delivering non-viral genes for tissue regeneration with an improved hydrogel scaffold

Value Proposition The safety concerns surrounding the use of viral...


Enhanced delivery of drugs and other compounds to the brain and other tissues

Value Proposition For many drugs and diagnostic agents, no readily...