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Drug screening and discovery

HS206, a selective inhibitor of Transforming growth factor β-activated kinase 1 (TAK1, MAP3K7)

Value Proposition Transforming growth factor b-activated kinase 1 (TAK1) plays...


A novel target for development of a new T-cell specific immunosuppresant

CaMKIV plays an important role in T cell activation and...


Abl kinase inhibitors promote lung regeneration after pathogen and chemical-induced injury

Value Proposition Damage to the lung epithelium in response to...


Methods and compositions for the identification of insect repellent compounds

Value Proposition Insect vector-borne infectious diseases are a major public...


An integrated hybrid biological-materials platform for portable production of biomacromolecules

Value Proposition Bacteria are a common host to produce diverse...


An effective FASN inhibitor

Value Proposition Many tumors are dependent on de novo fatty...


Novel dystonia treatment drugs

Value Proposition Dystonia is a movement disorder characterized by sustained,...


Inhibition of thioredoxin reductase in treatment of nitric oxide deficiency

Value Proposition One of the signaling mechanisms mediated by nitric...


Use of disulfiram for inflammatory breast cancer therapy

Value Proposition Inflammatory breast cancer is an aggressive and rapidly...