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Structured illumination super-resolution phase microscopy

Value Proposition Many biologically relevant samples, such as live cells...


Integrated thin film silicon detectors for fluorescence sensing

Unmet Need Microfluidic chip-based systems allow for rapid and sensitive...


Subscription based MIMO wireless power tranmission

Subscription based multiple-input-single-output and multiple-input-multiple-output wireless energy transfer enables selective...


Medical optical scanner

A disclosed optical scanner apparatus can include a member having...


A magnetic design used to develop a Cycloidal Coded Aperture Miniature Mass Spectrometer (C-CAMMS)

Value Proposition Field-able and miniature mass spectrometers have many potential...


Digital acoustofluidics: contactless liquid handling device via acoustic streaming

Value Proposition For decades, scientists have pursued the goal of...


An apparatus for maintaining throughput and resolution in a miniaturized mass spectrograph

Value Proposition Mass spectrometers are the gold standard for chemical...


Electrosmell: Electrochemical modulation of odorant molecules

Value Proposition Up to 1 billion people in the world...


An automated surgical robot for tissue resection

Value Proposition Laser surgery has become a critical procedure in...