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PEG-bottlebrush coatings having reduced antigenicity and methods of using the same

Value Proposition Poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) is a widely used polymer...


Delivering non-viral genes for tissue regeneration with an improved hydrogel scaffold

Value Proposition The safety concerns surrounding the use of viral...


Peptide materials for immunomodulation

Value Proposition Glatiramoids are biomaterials synthesized for use as immunomodulators....


A modular hybrid mucin analogue platform: A therapeutic coating for mineralized surfaces

Value Proposition Prevalence of urinary stone disease, caused by mineral...


Cancer cell lines lacking OPA1 or DNM1L

Background Mitochondria frequently undergo processes of fission and fusion in...


Sublingual immunization using supramolecular peptide-polymer conjugate tablets

Value proposition Immunization with vaccines prevent illness, disability, and currently...


Bioengineered biodegradable scaffolds for promoting wound healing and scar prevention

Value Proposition Dermal scarring affects more than 80 million people...