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Bacteria interaction sorter

Value Proposition Microbe-microbe interactions influence microbial community dynamics, composition, and...


A platform for detecting and discriminating odorant molecules in the vapor phase

Unmet Need Mammals are capable of detecting and recognizing a...


A system for screening compounds that alter smell perception

Unmet Need Olfactory sensation profoundly influences a person’s quality of...


Miniaturized, ultra-high density, multichannel electrode array for long-term, intra-cranial neuronal recordings

Technology A high-density multichannel microwire electrode array is disclosed. The...


Integrated thin film silicon detectors for fluorescence sensing

Unmet Need Microfluidic chip-based systems allow for rapid and sensitive...


AI-assistive surgical instrument contaminant detection device

Unmet Need There are approximately 700,000 healthcare-associated infections that occur...


Portable device for imaging fluorescence microarray chips

Unmet Need Diagnostic assessment of protein biomarkers plays an essential...