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Small molecules

Adjuvants to chemotherapeutics in cancer

Value proposition Cancers are often treated with chemotherapies, many of...


Novel iron chelators that protect cells from oxidative stress

Unmet Need Metal ions play important roles in the proper...


ABL kinase inhibitors regulate SLC7A11 expression and may treat brain tumors

Value Proposition The Abl kinases, Abl1 and Abl2, are a...


Novel therapeutic targets in the androgen receptor signaling pathway for prostate cancer

Unmet Need Prostate cancer is the most common malignancy in...


Treating heart failure with bisphosphonate compositions

Value Proposition The prevalence of heart failure (“HF”) has grown...


Beta-arrestin inhibition to prevent S1P1 internalization as a treatment for intracranial diseases

Value Proposition Glioblastomas (GBMs) are among the most common and...


SUMO as a marker of cancer development and target for cancer therapy

Value Proposition Cancer therapy remains challenging, and the production of...


Targeting fructose metabolism as therapeutics for cancer cells in the liver

Value Proposition Colorectal cancer (CRC) is a common and lethal...


Abl kinase inhibitors promote lung regeneration after pathogen and chemical-induced injury

Value Proposition Damage to the lung epithelium in response to...