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Deep learning segmentation of glomeruli on kidney frozen sections

Value Proposition The conventional assessment of cadaveric donor kidneys by...


Pallialytics, a machine learning model to determine palliative-care eligible patients

Unmet Need Palliative care is specialized medical care that is...


Leveraging machine learning to predict and prevent poor health outcomes

Value Proposition Problem behaviors are the leading preventable causes of...


Algorithms for analysis of knee radiographs

Value Proposition Knee osteoarthritis accounts affects at least 19% of...


Automatic determination of beam configurations for patient-specific radiation therapy planning

Value Proposition Radiation treatment planning involves complex decision making that...


Pythia – building a surgical database

Value Proposition Despite major advances in surgical care, complications arise...


Smart microscope for diagnosing disease

Value Proposition Since its invention, the microscope has been optimized...


Human-computer collaborative process monitoring system: Monitoring Information Notification Display (MIND)

Unmet Need Many large-scale, automated biomanufacturing processes can be controlled...