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Teaching Assignmment Management System (TAMS)

Value Proposition Faculty members at universities are required to distribute...


Dynamic hand gesture recognition using low-cost cavity-backed metasurface apertures

Value Proposition With the mass adoption of the smartphone came...


A novel method for automatic segmentation and identification of closed-contour structures in images

Unmet Need Fast, accurate, and objective detection and quantification of...


A method to improve MRI resolution during breathing

Value Proposition The accuracy and precision of many therapeutic imaging...


MRI Imaging Sequence for Improved Contrast Using a Reference Image

Value Proposition Cardiac MRI is a useful tool in the...


Algorithm for improving the clarity of electrocardiograms for patients with LVADs

Unmet Need Electrocardiogram (ECG) measurements are an important tool for...


Method for measuring tissue stiffness using multi-resolution approach to ultrasonic shear wave imaging

Value Proposition Mechanical properties of biological tissue, such as elasticity,...


XCAT phantom CT projector

The XCAT, MOBY, and ROBY phantoms include a great amount...