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XCAT phantom CT projector

The XCAT, MOBY, and ROBY phantoms include a great amount...


Dynamic hand gesture recognition using low-cost cavity-backed metasurface apertures

Value Proposition With the mass adoption of the smartphone came...


A model for predicting progression of Osteoarthritis based on feature analysis of bone radiographs

Example systems and methods of generating an indicator of osteoarthritis...


Machine learning algorithm to predict acute care visits during outpatient cancer therapy

Value Proposition Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy (CRT) or radiotherapy (RT)...


MRI Imaging Sequence for Improved Contrast Using a Reference Image

Value Proposition Cardiac MRI is a useful tool in the...


Optical device for in vivo assessment of tissues

Value Proposition Fluorescence and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy in the ultraviolet-visible...


Drug diversion surveillance dashboard

Value Proposition Prescription drug diversion is defined as the illegal...


A computational algorithm-based method for extracting intrinsic fluorescence properties of tissue

Value Proposition Fluorescence spectroscopy has been used successfully to discriminate...


Blood signal suppressed contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging

A method of suppressing artifacts arising from tissue, fluids, or...