Application specific photon emission computed tomography device


A compact and mobile gantry for 3-dimensional Application Specific Emission and/or Transmission Tomography (ASETT) imaging of the breast in single photon or coincidence emission modes, and single photon, or coincidence, or x-ray transmission modes. While the ASETT gantry was designed, built and evaluated for imaging metabolically active lesions in the pendant breast, it can also be used to image other organs and objects. This system overcomes physical constraints associated with imaging a pendulous breast in prone patients, while simultaneously satisfying sampling criteria for sufficient data collection in the pendulous breast reference frame. When combined with an offset cone-beam tomographic x-ray transmission imaging system, this dual modality ASETT system could provide simultaneous and coregistered structural and functional information about large or dense breasts, breasts with indeterminate x-ray mammography, and could also be used to accurately 3-dimensionally guide biopsy or surgical resection. Moreover, with the offset beam orientation, the transmission system is designed to have a variable FOV and minimize overall absorbed breast dose.

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  • Tornai, Martin
  • Bowsher, James
  • Peter, Jorg


    • Patent Number: 7,609,808
    • Title: Application Specific Emission and Transmission Tomography
    • Country: United States of America

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