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Cell Seeding Systems

Duke University is seeking a company interested in commercializing a novel and versatile method of lining stents and other mechanical assist devices with autologous peripheral blood-derived endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs). There are over 10 million people in the US who suffer from peripheral vascular disease, and approximately 500,000 stents are being implanted every year, representing a global market size of $850M with an expected annual growth rate of 6%. In addition it is estimated that in the US alone, over 250,000 people with end stage heart failure would benefit from mechanical assist device implantation. All artificial devices implanted in the cardiovascular system are causing various degrees of inflammation, platelet adhesion and activation of the coagulation system, resulting in clotting, bleeding and infection. This novel method of endothelializing these mechanical assist devices could reduce these common and potentially devastating complications.

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  • Achneck, Hardean
  • Jamiolkowski, Ryan "Ryan"
  • Lawson, Jeffrey
  • Pearce, Donald
  • Serpe, Michael
  • Truskey, George

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