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Compact telescope design for light scanning systems

Compact telescope configurations for light scanning systems and related methods are disclosed. According to an aspect, a system for imaging or relaying an image of an object includes a first optical element having a first focal length ƒ1 for imaging or relaying an image of an object at the distance ƒ1 from the first optical element. The system also includes a second optical element having a second focal length ƒ2 for receiving an image of the object from the first optical element and for focusing an output of the image at the distance ƒ2 from the second optical element on a side that opposes the first optical element. The first optical element and the second optical element are separated by a distance of approximately [Formula I ], wherein r is the finite radius of curvature of the wavefront of light located at the object or image of the object.

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  • Izatt, Joseph
  • DuBose, Theodore "Theodore"
  • LaRocca, Francesco
  • Nankivil, Derek

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