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Development of novel therapeutic splice-switching oligonucleotides against aggressive prostate cancer

African American men exhibit a nearly 2-fold higher incidence and 3-fold higher mortality rate from prostate cancer compared to white men and disparities in tumor aggressiveness remain after controlling for social determinants of health. Previous work from our laboratory and others has revealed differences in gene expression that contribute to prostate cancer health disparities among African Americans. We have developed a novel therapeutic strategy to 1) increase our understanding of these molecular mechanisms underlying prostate cancer in African American men and 2) reduce prostate cancer disparities for African Americans and men of all races with aggressive disease driven by these mechanisms.

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  • Freedman, Jennifer
  • George, Daniel
  • Lacroix, Bonnie
  • Lee, Norman
  • Patierno, Steven "Steve"
  • Patierno, Brendon
  • Robinson, Timothy
  • Sullenger, Bruce
  • Wang, Bi-Dar
  • Wang, Zefeng

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