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Image Projection Apparatus for Producing an Image Supplied by Parallel Transmitted Colored Light. P-1171US; P-1171US-1

A projection apparatus provides a projection engine that supplies polarized light to a dielectric filter (or diffraction grating). The dielectric filter provides an array of pixels that each pass selected colors of light and reflect other colors. Each pixel is subpixelated (for example, red, green, and blue subpixels) so that a single subpixel passes a selected color (for example, red) and reflects the other colors (for example, green and blue). A digital micromirror device has an array of mirrors that correspond in number to the number of subpixels of the dielectric filter. Each of the mirrors provide “on” and “off” positions for selectively transmitting a desired color of light from the mirror to an image screen. The image screen receives light reflected by selected of the mirrors of the array of micromirrors when the selected mirrors are in the “on” position. The micromirror device can be controlled with a computer, television, signal, video signal, or the like.

Intellectual Property

  • US Patent No.: 5,868,480

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  • Zeinali, Medhi

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