Increasing the survival of therapeutic-resistant HER2+ breast cancer patients with MDM2 inhibitors

Value Proposition

Of all breast tumors, 20-30% of these are HER2-positive (HER2+) and are subsequently treated with HER2-targeting therapies such as Lapatinib. However, acquired resistance to these therapies is an unmet clinical challenge. There are currently few available treatment options once resistance has been established for HER2+ breast cancer, resulting in a great need for new targeted therapies to circumvent this resistance.


Research done in multiple breast tumor cell lines shows that inhibitiors of a p53-interacting protein are viable cancer therapies. This invention provides a way to screen those with HER2+ breast cancer and treat them with these inhibitors. Specifically, this invention provides a framework for screening p53-interacting inhibitors that could be viable cancer therapies.

Other Applications

This invention may be applied to methodology for treatment of other cancers with acquired resistance to tyrosine kinase inhibitors.


  • Provides information on viable inhibitors and identification of who would benefit from these therapies
  • Works towards reducing acquired resistance and increasing survival amongst HER2+ breast tumor patients

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  • Kornbluth, Sally
  • Dewhirst, Mark
  • Kurokawa, Manabu
  • Spector, Neil

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