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Snap Food

Value Proposition A healthy diet has been scientifically proven to...


An inexpensive, mobile system to detect interloping unmanned aerial vehicles

Value Proposition With the rise in popularity of drones, their...


Bioengineered biodegradable scaffolds for promoting wound healing and scar prevention

Value Proposition Dermal scarring affects more than 80 million people...


An automated surgical robot for tissue resection

Value Proposition Laser surgery has become a critical procedure in...


An automated system for dermatological laser surgery

Value Proposition Laser-based devices show promise for highly effective treatment...


Estimation of Cardiac Strain using High Frame Rate Ultrasound

High Frame Rate ultrasound in 2D and 3D allows for...


An apparatus for maintaining throughput and resolution in a miniaturized mass spectrograph

Value Proposition Mass spectrometers are the gold standard for chemical...


Improving immune checkpoint therapies for cancer by inhibiting the PCSK9 protein

Value Proposition Immune checkpoint inhibitor therapies are exciting new drugs...


A method for improving ultrasound imaging: Multi-covariate Imaging of Sub-resolution Targets (MIST)

Value Proposition Ultrasound imaging has a plethora of applications, both...