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Phenylisopropylamine Derivatives as Anti-Parkinson Drugs

We have shown in a mouse model for Parkinsons Disease (see DDD mice below) that phenylisoproplyamines, including amphetamines, can act to reverse the symptoms of Parkinsons, including akinesia (impaired muscle movement), rigidity, tremor and ptosis (droopy eyelid). This activity is independent of dopamine and does not act through the dopamine transporter. In addition, small doses of amphetamines amplify the effects of L-DOPA in this mouse model, suggesting that phenylisopropylamines may be used in clinical practice to reduce L-DOPA dosages and minimize side effects, including dyskinesias (inability to control motion). US and PCT patent applications are currently pending on this technology.

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  • Caron, Marc
  • Gainetdinov, Raul
  • Sotnikova, Tatiana

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