Robotically-aligned optical coherence tomography for automatic imaging of stationary and moving eyes

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) for structural eye imaging has revolutionized diagnostics in ophthalmology. OCT may have a further role in routine screening at primary care clinics and even public venues, provided it is fool-proofed and that subject alignment is automated. To that end, it has been developed a robot-mounted OCT scanner capable of automatically aligning to subjects' eyes without fixation targets, chinrests, or operator intervention. The system combines face and pupil tracking to enable a large functional workspace without compromising fine alignment. It has been demonstrated that its imaging performance aligning to stationary eyes, pursuing moving eyes, and tracking eyes subjected to physiologic motion.

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  • Draelos, Mark
  • Izatt, Joseph
  • Kuo, Anthony
  • McNabb, Ryan
  • Ortiz, Pablo "Pablo"

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