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Ultrasonic Infusion Device & Treatment Methods

Duke University is seeking a company interested in commercializing a novel and versatile device. The invention is a low-cost, simple, and easy-to-use ultrasound device to be used for minimally-invasive treatments, primarily those involving occlusion of blood flow and/or drug delivery. The device is used to precisely deliver, direct, and even ‘activate’ matter introduced into the blood stream. Promising applications of occlusion therapy (blocking capillary blood flow) enabled by this device include treatment of solid tumors—including brain tumors—and improving the safety of surgical procedures (reducing blood loss). Tumor treatment would involve simply ‘starving’ the tumor cells to cause ischemic necrosis, or the occlusion could also be preceded with the infusion of chemotherapy drugs (occlusion would relieve the static pressure downstream, allowing the drugs to remain in the tumor tissue for a longer time for a more concentrated, localized effect).

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  • Herickhoff, Carl

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