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Vaccination against an oncogenic isoform of HER2 (ErbB2) to prevent and treat HER2+ cancer

Methods of reducing the likelihood of a cancer or precancer developing resistance to a cancer therapeutic or prevention agent are provided herein. The methods include administering a vaccine comprising a polynucleotide encoding a polypeptide whose expression or activation is 5 correlated with development of resistance of the cancer or precancer to the cancer therapeutic or prevention agent to a subject. The vaccine may include a polynucleotide encoding a HER2 polypeptide or a truncation, deletion or substitution mutant thereof. Methods of using the vaccine including the polynucleotide encoding the HER2 polypeptide to treat a cancer or precancer are also provided. The vaccines may be administered with a cancer therapeutic or 10 prevention agent or a checkpoint inhibitor immunomodulatory agent.

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  • Lyerly, Herbert "Kim"
  • Hardman, Zach
  • Osada, Takuya

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