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X-ray imaging technique for rapid 3D imaging and visualization of an object for Security Screening

The present invention is a new x-ray image acquisition and processing approach that augments the art of stereoscopy for rapid 3D imaging and visualization that provides a 3D view of a target from any angle (multiple viewpoints), and hence called Multi-view Stereoscopy. The resultant complete volumetric rendition of a target provides a user with an accurate, quick and intuitive view of complex structures within a target, now distributed in depth. More importantly, multiple viewpoints facilitate the screener to “look around” the target and investigate it in 3D from side, bottom, top, or from any arbitrary view in between. This enables the observer to identify and positively reinforce suspicious objects within the target that may otherwise be partially or completely hidden when viewed from limited angles. Thus the technology has the potential to substantially improve the detection rate, and reduce false alarms and false negatives.

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  • Chawla, Amarpreet
  • Samei, Ehsan

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Pratt School of Engineering