September 28, 2018

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5 Things to Know for SEPTEMBER 2018

1. Our interactive 2018 Annual Report is now online with stories, start-ups, and metrics. Discover how Duke has been innovating this past year.


2. PhaseBio Pharmaceuticals, a start-up founded by Professors of Biomedical Engineering Ashutosh Chilkoti and Lori Setton, and in which Duke owns stock, plans an $86.25 million IPO to fund drug trials.


3. Holmusk, a digital health company with a focus on solving complex healthcare problems raised nearly $10 million in pre-series A financing from Heritas Venture Fund and others to help expand Holmusk’s USA and European footprint. The company’s technology includes the Mindlinc behavioral health EHR program originally developed at Duke by Kenneth Gersing, now at the NIH, and Ranga Krishnan, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences.


4. Medical device startup Deep Blue Medical Advances raised $295,000 in a debt round, adding to their $517,000 secured in January. Deep Blue is a start-up company founded in 2014 by Associate Professor of Surgery, Howard Levinson.


5. Duke startup Celldom has been awarded a $1.5 million Phase II SBIR grant from the NIH. Founded by Benjamin Yellen, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Kris Wood, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology. Celldom is developing a new-to-world, automated single cell analysis platform, called TrapTx.


Join us on November 8th and discover how Duke has been innovating this year. Connect with Alumni, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and investors while exploring our featured innovators as they show off their inventions and novel ideas.

Celebrate with us!