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Researchers pioneer handheld, 3D, and inter-surgical use of optical coherence tomography in pediatric settings

October 24, 2017

Duke Innovations Duke team creates tools to capture real-time images of the retina

Researchers pioneer handheld, 3D, and inter-surgical use of optical coherence...

Concept in search ideas.

June 20, 2018

Duke Innovations Press Releases United States Issues Patent Number 10,000,000

[Originally posted by the US Patent Office, June 19, 2018]...

Junjie Yao

December 19, 2018

Duke Innovations Biotechnology Engineering Duke News Awards Yao Receives IEEE’s 2019 Young Investigator Award

Yao recognized for his innovative work in the field of...

dial device prototype

August 12, 2019

Duke Innovations Engineering Hungry for Innovation: Notable Project Stems from MEDx Dinner

On a chilly December evening in Durham guests arrived at...

a masked ashutosh chilkoti holds a clear plastic divided into segments with a gloved hand.

April 29, 2020

COVID-19 Duke Innovations Biotechnology Duke Engineers Adapt Rapid Testing Platform to See If It Can Catch COVID-19

Biomedical engineers adapt simple, low-cost platform to diagnose the new...

polarean imaging in use for patient during MRI

October 15, 2020

Duke Innovations Medicine Innovation Duke News Start-ups Polarean Files NDA for Lung Diagnostic, Possible COVID-19 Aid

Polarean, a Duke University spinout, is another step closer to...

IonQ computing components

January 23, 2019

Engineering IonQ Chooses Onshape’s Cloud CAD Platform for Quantum Computer Design

IonQ, the pioneer developer of the world’s most powerful quantum...


October 16, 2019

Engineering Start-ups Realtime Robotics scores $11.7M Series A to help robots avoid collisions

One of the major challenges facing engineers as they develop...

Infants in the Duke Neonatal-Perinatal Research Unit receive intensive care while also contributing to research studies on how to better treat neonatal health issues

November 13, 2018

Research Medicine Battling Brain Injury, Part 2: A personal quest to reverse cell damage

Check out Part 1 of this series for the stories...

neural interfaces chip folded into a tube shape

April 11, 2020

Biotechnology Research Protecting Thin, Flexible Brain Interfaces from the Human Body

Researchers have demonstrated the ability to implant an ultrathin, flexible...