LCMS Plus, Inc




David Weiner/Allison Wood

Duke Inventor(s):

David Wiener, Colleen Grochowski, Edward Buckley

LCMS+ is a specialized learning management system developed at Duke University School of Medicine, where it has been in continuous use since 2005. It is the product of a highly sophisticated team of educators, clinicians, deans and technologists working together to create a solution that fits new models of competency-based education in an integrated curriculum.

Sometimes referred to as “the Blackboard for medical schools”, LCMS+ is setting the gold standard for enterprise software in the healthcare education space. Our system helps schools of medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, etc. to graduate better-prepared healthcare professionals by streamlining effort, reducing costs, improving outcomes and facilitating accreditation reporting.

Developed at Duke University School of Medicine and designed specifically for healthcare education, LCMS+ is extremely robust, flexible and cost-effective – perfect for schools trying to endure and improve amid ever-tightening budget, personnel and technical restraints.

We bring a unique attitude and approach to our partnerships with all our client schools (including Duke, Yale, Temple, Penn State, Wake Forest, University of Chicago and many others). Our system is robust and scaleable, yet highly configurable to meet specific client business needs. And our level of service is unmatched by any competitor.