Celeste Ferguson

Celeste Ferguson MSc

Director of Marketing & Communications

Phone: 919-681-7584
Email: celeste.ferguson@duke.edu


Celeste joins OLV with a wide and varied skill set focusing more recently in both marketing communications and the more technical side of graphic design and web development.

She started her career in the US Air Force as a Chinese Linguist trained at the Presidio of Monterey in California.  From there, Celeste went on to be stationed in many locations around the globe: Okinawa, Japan, Kunsan, South Korea, PSAB, Saudi Arabia and finally ending at Fort Meade, Maryland.

In 2005, Celeste and her husband moved to Scotland to be closer to his family. After that, she started her own photography business and worked towards her master’s degree.   Broadening her competence in database design, web development, human computer interaction and marketing communications, she went on to do Business Development for SMRU Consulting, a subsidiary of the University of St. Andrews.

After 10 years in Scotland, Celeste and her family moved back to the States where she worked as a Marketing Communications Coordinator for Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

Celeste received her B.A. in Psychology & Chinese Mandarin from Excelsior College and her M.Sc. in Management and Information Technology from the University of St. Andrews.