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Targeting drugging molecules that promote cancer metastasis

Value Proposition Metastases, the spread of cancer cells to new...


Biomarkers for high-grade serous ovarian carcinomas

Unmet Need The Amercian Cancer Society estimates that over 20,000...


Topical MEK inhibition as a new modality for inflammatory skin diseases and cancers

Value Proposition Inflammatory skin conditions affect many people, with a...


A system and method for planning radiosurgery treatments that can better target multiple tumors simultaneously

Unmet Need Brain metastases are the most common neurological complication...


Induction of immunogenic cell death in cancer cells using modified ssRNAs

Value proposition Cancer immunotherapy is showing great promise against numerous...


Prognostic and predictive blood-based biomarkers for pancreatic cancer

Value Proposition Pancreatic cancer is among the deadliest types of...


A method for end-to-end spatial accuracy quality assurance for radiosurgery

Unmet Need Radiation therapy is an essential element of cancer...


A computational algorithm-based method for extracting intrinsic fluorescence properties of tissue

Value Proposition Fluorescence spectroscopy has been used successfully to discriminate...


SYMPHONY: Synergistic Immuno Photothermal Nanotherapy

Unmet Need Metastatic spread results in more than 90 percent...