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SUMO as a marker of cancer development and target for cancer therapy

Value Proposition Cancer therapy remains challenging, and the production of...


Improving lesion accessibility by controlling and articulating endoscopic mechanical instruments

Value Proposition Gastrointestinal endoscopy is among the most widely used...


Systems and methods for ophthalmic surgical microscope mounted optical coherence tomography

Value Proposition Surgical visualization has changed drastically since its inception,...


Optical assay system for intra operative assessment of tumor margins

Researchers at Duke University have developed a new optical device...


Components of the Wnt-Beta-catenin paracrine signaling pathway as predictive biomarkers for cancer immunotherapy

Value Proposition Immunotherapy is a promising approach for the treatment...


A Novel target, mechanism and strategy for utilizing HDAC inhibitors in cancer therapy

Methods of inhibiting cancer cell growth using HDAC10 inhibitors are...


RNA-based anticancer therapeutics

Value proposition Cancer has a major impact on society in...


Patterns of microRNA expression to identify B cell malignancies

Value Proposition Malignancies derived from mature B cells are common...


Surgical device for assisting surgeons with insertion of glaucoma drainage tubes

Value proposition Glaucoma is a leading cause of irreversible blindness...