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Medical Devices

An effective method for controlling gut motility using electrical stimulation in the colon

Unmet Need Pathology in the gut especially in the enteric...


Test of Verbal Expression and Reasoning (TOVER)

The TOVER is non-standardized assessment of expressive language in context...


An injectable hydrogel scaffold that delivers gene therapies locally

Unmet Need Gene therapy has applications ranging from tissue engineering...


Endoscopic optical assessment of tissue histology

Value Proposition Endoscopy is an extremely important and prevalent procedure...


AI-assistive surgical instrument contaminant detection device

Unmet Need There are approximately 700,000 healthcare-associated infections that occur...


Peripherally Inserted Left Ventricular Vent and Anticoagulation System (PILVAS)

Value Proposition Extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) support is a rapidly...


Wire Keeper: A device that can make retained guidewires during central line placement into a “never event”

Value Proposition The Seldinger technique is standard for placing catheters...