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Genomic Biomarkers of Locally Advanced Breast Cancer (LABC) and Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC)

Unmet Need Locally advanced breast cancer (LABC) and inflammatory breast...


All dielectric absorber for improved real-time imaging in the terahertz spectrum

Value Proposition Discoveries over the past decades have unveiled unique...


MRHistology complement to light sheet microscopy

Unmet Need Brain researchers frequently rely on mouse models to...


Bio Layer Interferometry Probe (BLIP) for in-vivo analyte detection

Unmet Need Diagnostic tests play a critical role in the...


Advanced adaptive cooling fabric

Unmet Need With the rise of temperatures due to global...


Method to regulate tumor growth and immunosuppression by GABA inhibition

Unmet Need Non-small cell lung cancer has an incidence of...


Method to sensitize cancer radiotherapy and chemotherapy

Unmet Need While radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy are used for >90%...


Topical PDH inhibitors to enhance wound healing by reducing ischemia

Unmet Need Millions of patients experience unhealed skin wounds, and...