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A system for depositing blended thin films to improve the fabrication of organic solar cells

Unmet Need Many modern technology applications benefit from the use...


Predicting immune checkpoint therapy for breast cancer patients using LRRK2 mutations

Unmet Need The treatment of various cancers has been revolutionized...


A device to improve the diagnostic success of thoracentesis procedures: PulmoPivot

Unmet Need The buildup of fluid in the chest cavity,...


A designated instrument for removing intraocular lenses

Unmet Need Cataract surgery is one of the most common...


Adaptive ultrasound frequency selection

Unmet Need Acoustic clutter is a phenomenon that contributes to...


Use of rifaximin for treating probable Alzheimer’s Disease

Unmet Need There is an urgent need to develop novel...


A method for end-to-end spatial accuracy quality assurance for radiosurgery

Unmet Need Radiation therapy is an essential element of cancer...


A method for treating cancer using HDAC10 inhibitors

Unmet Need Cancer remains the second leading cause of death...