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MRI image processing using virtual frequency-selective inversion

Unmet Need In magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), data is acquired...


AI-assistive surgical instrument contaminant detection device

Unmet Need There are approximately 700,000 healthcare-associated infections that occur...


A method of treating opioid dependence without opioid-based ingredients

Unmet Need In the United States, over 11% of adults...


Novel regulators of root growth

Value Proposition With growing populations and changing climate, agricultural technologies...


Novel algorithms for sleep apnea syndromes detection

Unmet Need Sleep Apnea Syndrome (SAS) is a common sleep...


Cardiac rhythm interpretation flipbook

Unmet Need Nurses caring for patients who require ECG monitoring...


An effective method for controlling gut motility using electrical stimulation in the colon

Unmet Need Pathology in the gut especially in the enteric...