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Method for rapid coil placement and E-field evaluation during TMS

Unmet Need Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a noninvasive brain...


Novel biosensors made with non-fouling polymer materials

Unmet Need The advancement of personalized medicine and targeted therapies...


A model for forecasting deep-seated landslides and assessing their stability

Unmet Need Deep-seated landslides represent one of the most devastating...


Prosthetic Stability Device

Unmet Need Joint replacement is a surgical procedure in which...


Systems and methods to noninvasively enhance the visual acuity for patients with retinal prostheses

Unmet Need Degenerative eye diseases lead to a profound decrease...


A method to eliminate beam hardening artifacts and to improve CT quantitative imaging ability

Unmet Need For many commercially available CT scanners, the photons...


A method for treating critical limb ischemia and other ischemic injuries

Unmet Need The most severe stage of peripheral artery disease,...