An odorant receptor for putative human pheromones: genetic variation and its link to perception

Duke University is seeking a company interested in commercializing a novel and versatile system to and method to screen for modulators of scent perception related to the regulation of olfactory perception. This invention deorphanizes a receptor responsible for perception of known pheromones androstenone and androstadienone and demonstrates that odor perception is linked to genetic variations. Importantly, it provides methods to screen for compounds that could modulate an odorant receptor’s activity and, in turn, olfactory sensation and sexual response.

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  • Matsunami, Hiroaki "Hiro"
  • Cagno, Joseph
  • Keller, Andreas
  • Qiuyi, Chi
  • Vosshall, Leslie
  • Zhuang, Hanyi

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School of Medicine (SOM)