Case based echocardiography board review application

Value Proposition

Many American board exams require in depth knowledge of echocardiograms including the Cardiovascular Disease Certification Exam by the American Board of Internal Medicine and the National Board of Echocardiography Exam. About 2700 cardiology trainees in the US are required to take these exams and current preparatory material is variable, time intensive, and costly. Affordable, understandable, and comprehensive study material for these exams are lacking and are needed.


This is a learner friendly case-based method for instruction in echocardiography aimed at cardiology board test takers, physicians, sonographers and allied personnel. The cases are small 4­5 video loops followed by multiple choices (up to 100). All choices that apply should be clicked. This is then followed by the correct answers and reasons behind choosing the correct answers. This can be launched to audience on an internet web-based platform, as an application or as an ibook.

Other Applications

In addition, using polling data as a "crowd sourced consensus", this has potential for serving as a method for quality assurance and harmonizing reading/echocardiographic interpretation among physicians/sonographers worldwide.


  • Current classes are expensive, often designed for in-person attendance, and the outcome is only a 70-85% pass rate
  • This is an online, user friendly method, and completely case-based for real life examples to enhance learning
  • This method allows for easy data collection to enhance the learning experience where students might need further clarification
  • Additionally, this method could serve to normalize echocardiographic readings amongst physicians

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  • Samad, Zainab

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