Methods for in vivo identification of endogenous mRNA targets of mammalian microRNAs

A method of generating a gene expression profile of noncoding regulatory RNA (ncRNA; e.g. a microRNA) in a cell in vivo, is carried out by: (a) partitioning from a cell at least one mRNA-protein (RNP) complex, the RNP complex comprising: (i) an RNA binding protein (RNABP) or RNA associated protein, (ii) at least one mRNA bound to or associated with said protein, and (iii) at least one ncRNA bound to or associated with said protein, and then (b) identifying at least one ncRNA in-at least one RNP complex, thereby to produce a gene expression profile comprising the identity of an ncRNA in an RNP complex.

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  • Keene, Jack
  • Hammond, Scott
  • Lager, Patrick
  • Ohler, Uwe
  • Thomson, J. Micheal

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