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Pulse Duration and the Dynamics of Infrared Tissue Ablation

Technology The angular imaging system, and related method utilizes translating apertures to acquire data at a number of angles of interrogation. For omnidirectional scatterers, that is scatterers which emit a uniform sound field in all directions when insonified, the translating apertures should theoretically yield identical speckle patterns at all angles of interrogation. The result is in strong contrast to previously applied convention angular scatter measurement methods which produced rapidly varying speckle patterns with interrogation angle. Thus by using the translating apertures, using the transmit aperture translator, and the receive aperture translator, it is possible to acquire data for which the only variation in received signal with angle is due to the intrinsic scattering of the target.

Intellectual Property

  • US Patent No.: 6, 692,439
  • Inventor Glenn Edwards, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Physics Duke University

Duke File (IDF) Number



  • Edwards, Glenn
  • Hutson, M.

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