Reference structure tomography

A reference structure tomography device is provided which includes a reference structure configured to intercept and modulate energy in the form of waves or otherwise propagating from a source to a sensor, along longitudinal and traverse directions. The reference structure modulates or otherwise conditions the propagating wave to simplify an inversion process on the data set created by the interaction between the wave and the sensors. The reference structure can modulate a wave through multiple types of interactions with the wave including obscuring, defracting, defusing, scattering, and otherwise altering any characteristic of a portion of the wave. By selecting a reference structure that is compatible with the sensors, the number of measurements needed to resolve the source through the source wave is reduced. The reference structure can also increase the resolution of an imaging system. Thus, by reducing or altering the data collected by the sensors, the reference structure tomography device can improve the imaging abilities of the system.

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  • Brady, David


    • Patent Number: 7,912,173
    • Title: Reference Structures and Reference Structure Enhanced Tomography
    • Country: United States of America

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