Teaching Assignmment Management System (TAMS)

Value Proposition

Faculty members at universities are required to distribute their efforts between several commitments including administration, research, and teaching. It is difficult to determine beforehand how much time and available capacity a faculty member may have for teaching and which faculty members should be assigned to these courses. There is also a lack of solutions to maintain historical records of teaching effort requirements. An effective system is therefore needed for academic faculty and staff to manage the distribution of faculty effort, teaching assignments and compensation.


Developers at Duke University School of Nursing have developed a software application that helps predict teaching efforts needed for university courses and assign faculty to those courses. It assigns effort based on categories of faculty workload, such as research, administration, teaching etc. It also allows manual adjustment of the effort required for teaching and then outputs the percentage of faculty member’s efforts that should be dedicated to teaching. Faculty members can submit their teaching preferences for the upcoming term. Administrative staff can then assign courses to faculty members based on an algorithm that considers faculty preferences, prior teaching experience, and other factors. It also allows reporting of the difference between the expected and actual teaching effort and displays the total allocation of a faculty members time and effort.


Duke School of Nursing has developed a software application for recording and managing the efforts required by faculty members to teach courses. The application described here can:

  • Predict faculty effort required for teaching in upcoming courses based upon student academic plans and course schedules
  • Make faculty assignments based on factors such as faculty member’s preferences, prior teaching experience etc.
  • Display the total allocation of a faculty members time and effort

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